Help us to END POLIO NOW – Support a 1200 mile ride between Land’s End and John O’Groats

We are the Rotary Club of Portobello in Edinburgh (UK). Our youngest and fittest member will cycle between Land’s End and John O’Groats. This is an exciting project to help with the fight to END POLIO NOW. We want all the support we can get.


Polio is a disease that can paralyse and even kill. But it can be avoided, all it requires is immunisation. Rotary International (RI), is one of the biggest charity organisations in the world. It has played a significant role on eradicating this disease around the world since 1979. Many others have joined this effort. Most notably the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation providing a 2-to-1 match for every dollar that Rotary commits to polio eradication until 2018. There are only two countries in the world where polio is still endemic: Pakistan and Afghanistan. Just two countries, but still a significant challenge considering that safety issues can get in the way… but could there be a better moment to focus our efforts and fully eradicate this disease? There are not many possibilities in which every dollar of your investment becomes three times as large while simultaneously changing the world for ever. MAKE HISTORY TODAY.

So here we are joining this world-wide effort. One of our members (we will tell you more about him on a future post) at the Rotary Club of Portobello in Edinburgh will cycle from Land’s End to John O’Groats. In case you are reading this outside the UK, these are two opposite geographical extremes in the United Kingdom. It will be a journey of approximately 1200 miles in 13 days. It is a journey that many people have made for fund-raising. But what we want you to support is still a challenge and it is still unique… Not only because the cycle route is much longer route than the average (900 miles) normally cycled, but also because we expect to encourage as many Rotary clubs (and people) as possible to multiply our effort to eradicate polio. Remember… every single coin, note or cheque collected becomes three.

This journey will start on June 6th, 2016. It is long, it is challenging but it is worthwhile and we intend to make of it a great success. We want as many people  as possible to join us on this effort on whatever way they can. There are many ways to help. To name a only a few:

(1) join our rider for a certain distance

(2) help him during the ride –a bed, some water or simply a cheer-

(3) organise your own fund-raising project/event/ride

(4) help us to advertise this project to maximise its impact and of course

(5) donate for the cause

The route? Please have a look here (Cycle Route – Part 1Cycle Route – Part 2) but consider it “tentative”. Why? Because it can still change (i.e. by riding through a specific Rotary club or organisation committed to make a significant contribution). Here is the task: help us to raise at least £10000 which we will (well… the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation) convert into £30000 and make history by helping to eradicate polio. This amount of money can provide more than 60000 polio vaccines. A minimum of (approximately) 50 smiles per mile. The same smiles that you can find after polio an immunisation session has been completed. We will keep you updated from now until and beyond the day the ride is completed to share all the good news (training, funds raised, polio progress, people/clubs joining us, etc). For the moment, keep reading this blog which we will update on a weekly basis, but also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and our website for further info. END POLIO NOW. Give us smiles per mile…





Twitter: (@Rotary_Porty)

For more information on the End Polio Now campaign visit:

For more information on Rotary International visit:

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